Fall Classes End, the Job Search Continues Through the Break

Although we are all looking forward to the upcoming winter break and all the relaxation, shopping, family time, and holiday fun that will come with it, the job search is something that is important to stay on top of, even if all you want to do is enjoy ‘the most wonderful time of the year.’

Jobs are constantly being posted and offered every day. You never know what you could be missing so it is important to keep on it, even if you are taking a break for the holidays. As we all know, the job market is not the best right now so it is important to look around every chance you get and to be a step ahead of the others. Other than commonly used sites like Indeed and Monster, Road to Success is a great resource that Career Services uses to post thousands of job opportunities and career events.

The break is also a good time to do some research on potential employers or graduate schools that you might be interested in. Make a list of the ones you like the most and focus on these to help clarify your search. It is always a good idea to “do your homework” so to speak and get background information about a company, (their mission, CEO, goals, etc.) or for graduate school you can research what department you are interested in and contact professors and program chairs to begin networking.

Take some time to look over and update your resume. It is important to keep your resume current and make sure that all of your information is correct. Don’t forget to add in any new clubs or awards you have received this semester! If you are looking for an easy way to build and format your resume, check out Optimal Resume.

Volunteering over the holidays not only will make you feel good, but it is good for your resume too. Take some time to help at a local food pantry, help man a Code Blue shelter, or volunteer to wrap presents for Toys for Tots. Your future employer will see that you are interested in helping others and being involved in the community.

One very helpful aspect of the job search is networking with professionals in the industry you are interested in. Winter break opens up your schedule for time to make connections that could potentially be helpful for any level of your career: internships, graduate school, entry-level positions, and even once you’re a professional in your field. Take a look at LinkedIn for networking opportunities near you.

If you think you have a pretty good idea of where you are headed with your job search, even if you have gone through the interview process, it is a good idea to create your plan B scenario for the future. Unfortunately, sometimes things do not go as we expect and with the job market being very competitive right now, it is important to make sure that you have a backup plan so that you do not leave yourself in the dark.

One thing that may also be a good idea is to go shopping for professional attire that you may need. It is always good to have dress clothes not only for presentations you may have for class, but for professional job interviews and networking events. Remember that black and navy are really good basics to work with!

Last but certainly not least: Relax for a little bit! The job search is stressful, so make sure that you do actually take some time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends.

By Cassandra Rudd