Nichols Career & Internship Fair: Preparation

careerfairOn February 23rd, Nichols College will be hosting its annual Career and Internship Fair, where over 70 employers will be attending the event, looking to meet and hire Nichols students.  This post is the first in a series that will help you prepare.

Review your resume

Before you attend any career fair, you should review and touch up your resume. It is important to focus on the following:

  • Update any new jobs, internships or relevant activities
  • Make sure your skills are accurately listed
  • Refine your list of responsibilities.

Stop by our office during drop-in hours: 9 – 11 am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or 1 – 3 pm on Tuesday and Thursday. We are happy to review your resume and offer suggestions.

Dress to impress

No matter what type of a position you are seeking, it is important to look professional. Professional attire really is key to making a good impression. Stop by our Bison Boutique, the lending closet for professional attire, in the Career and Professional Development Center in Fels. We can help with anything you may not have in your closet.

Be professional

Although a career fair may seem informal, you should take it seriously. No matter what your situation is, you have to maintain a professional and appropriate attitude. First impressions are very important, so be sure to keep this in mind as you go into a career event.

Research the employers

The best way to impress prospective employers is to know a little bit about their company before you meet them. Employers appreciate the time and attention to detail. A little research also helps you decide which employers you’d like to focus on. The list of the employers attending the 2016 Nichols College Career and Internship Fair is available online. If you are looking for a job specifically, you can also research what companies will be attending the event by going on Road to Success. If you have additional questions about the employers, contact Abby Gould at

Keep an open mind

Opportunities can be found in very unexpected places. Many companies need employees with a variety of skills and backgrounds. Open your mind to the possibilities. You will be surprised how a simple conversation can lead to great opportunities.

Focus on networking

No matter what your reason for attending a professional event, your networking skills need to be on point. Know what you want to take away from a conversation, but remember that a conversation is a two way street. New contacts will also have networking goals. Work with them. Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget your business cards! When you are networking, you do not want to give every person you come across your resume, instead you can hand them a business card.

By Cassandra Rudd