How to Stay Busy All Summer ’16: Summer Jobs & Internships

Interns Summer Blog1It can be difficult to look for jobs and internships when you are trying to balance classes, work, and your social life during the school year. Although we all know that the summer is a time to earn some extra money or get in some rest and relaxation, it is a great time to do some job searching. By taking some time over the summer to apply for positions available in the fall and winter, you can get your name in before other applicants and maybe secure yourself a spot early.

Getting a summer internship can be just as valuable, if not more so, than a part-time position. Internships will provide you with real world experience, but in some cases you can earn academic credits and potentially make some money as well. Check as soon as possible for summer opportunities or contact local businesses and offices in your area to see if they would be willing to let you intern with them. Other great resources are sites like InternHub and Monster, as well as our sites, and Nichols job database, Road to Success, where you can search a large database of available internships and positions. The Career and Professional Development Center is always available to you, even in the summertime! Contact us to set up an appointment at: or call 508-213-2489.



By Cassandra Rudd