How to Write a Rockin’ Resume

If you clicked on this blog post you probably think resumes are difficult and confusing, or don’t know where to start. Have no fear! This blog post will walk you step by step through how to write a resume that is sure to impress.

To begin, what is a resume? A resume is a document designed to showcase what you have accomplished. It includes your education, work experience, and employment history. Show the employer that your education, work experience, and skills are just what they need!

Start your resume with your name and contact information. This should be located at the top of your resume where the employer can easily see it. Make sure to include at least your name, address, and phone number, though you can also add an email address or webpage. Use up to date contact information and check for calls and emails.

Next, include your objective and key skills. Let the employer know what your goal is and what you can do for them.

Then add information on your education. Where do you go to college? What’s your major? Do you have a GPA of 3.0 or above? Add these, too.

Finally, include your work experience. Let the employer know where you worked in the past, what your position was, and what duties you performed. Also include how long you were employed at each position.

Now your resume is complete. Or is it? A great resume doesn’t just consist of the basics, so here are a few tips to turn your resume from ordinary to extraordinary.

  • Tailor each resume. You wouldn’t show up to an interview wearing someone else’s over-sized suit jacket, so why should your resume? Tailor your resume to each position. Make sure you understand the requirements and qualifications of the position you’re applying to. Then use that information to pick and choose what you include in your resume. Remember, your resume should only be about 1 page long.
  • Proof readNothing makes you look worse than a typo or grammatical error on your resume. Read your resume when it is done, don’t just rely on spell check.
  • Do not lie. Your employer will check all the information on your resume, so make sure all your work experience and education information is accurate.
  • Research Information about the place you’re applying. Learn about what they do and what their missions and goals are. This can help you tailor your resume towards what the employer is looking for.
  • Proof read. Yes again. Always proof read twice or have someone else look it over for you just in case you missed a mistake the first time. You can never be too sure.

Now take this information and use it. Write a rockin’ resume, send it in, and get that job! You’ve got this!

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By Liz DeNoncour
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