Let Us Brag About You: #hireNichols Initiative

At Nichols we love to talk about the success stories of our students who are able to obtain jobs or continue their education upon graduating and the number of students who are able to successfully complete internships in their time on the hill.

Although your friends and professors may give you a high five and a pat on the back, sometimes a little more recognition for your achievement can be nice. Because of this, the Career and Professional Development Center created the #hireNichols initiative. This initiative seeks to recognize students who have obtained jobs, internships, or graduate school acceptance in their field of interest.

If you would like to participate in the #hireNichols initiative, please notify us of your job, internship or graduate school acceptance. We will then contact you to come in and have your photo taken which we will post on our Instagram page.

We want to congratulate and recognize you for your accomplishments, so let us know! Please stop into our office or contact us via email at: cpdc@nichols.edu.

By Cassandra Rudd