Nichols College Students: On-Campus Student Employment Opportunity (Work Study) Process Overview & Application Form

Disclaimer: Postings will become active on the first day of classes – Monday, August 28th. 

On-Campus Student Employment Opportunity (Work Study) Process Overview 

Thank you for inquiring about how to apply for on-campus student employment opportunities (often referred to as work study). We encourage you to apply to all positions that you are interested in as positions are not guaranteed/fill up quickly. Please note that each student is allowed to simultaneously hold a maximum of two on-campus student employment opportunities at a maximum of 10 hours per job (work study). Here are the instructions on how to apply for an on-campus student employment opportunity at Nichols College:

  1. Using the application on the backside of this guide, fill it out regarding your availability/information for the current semester. If you need to access a digital copy of this guide, you can through the “Resource” section found on the left hand toolbar in Handshake. Details about how to login/the toolbar can be found below. You can fill this form out for all positions as this form is meant to be as generic and applicable as possible.
  2. Head to the MyNichols potal/OneLogin area. Please select the icon labeled “Handshake” found in the bookmarks section and on the OneLogin dashboard.
  3. If this is your first time logging into Handshake, the system may prompt you to update your profile. Please do this prior to applying for on-campus student employment opportunities.
  4. Once you are in the system, head to the “Document” center which can be accessed through the toolbar on the left hand side.
  5. Select “Add New Document” in the top right corner and provide a Document Name, Document Type (Other Document for the On-Campus Student Employment Application) and attach the file. Hit “Add Document” to finalize.
  6. You may want to upload your resume here as well as several positions require a resume (and some may even require a cover letter). Please note that you may have to come back to the “Document” center in order to upload additional documents as needed by each office on campus but the Application Form on the back of this page is used by all departments/only needs to be filled out once.
  7. Head to the “Jobs” area on the toolbar. Type in “Nichols College” in the “Keyword” space. You can then see all On-Campus Student Employment opportunities. When you select a job, please read through all information provided. If you wish to apply, select “Apply Now.”
  8. Upload your On-Campus Student Employment Application Form that you created in the “Documents” center. Also, upload any additional forms that are required (if applicable).
  9. Repeat this process for all positions that you wish to apply for. If you do not have a resume/cover letter and it is a required field, feel free to stop by the Career and Professional Development Center during Drop In Hours (M, W, F 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. or T, TH 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.) or email / call (508) 213-2482 to make an appointment. Optimal Resume is available at which offers 24/7 assistance with resumes and cover letters.

Need more assistance? Watch our video tutorial! Link: Student Locating Work-study Positions

On-Campus Student Employment Opportunity (Work Study) Application Form 

Please fill this document out as it is a required portion of the Nichols College Work Study Application process for the 17-18 year. You can use the same application for all positions that you are applying for. You will want to upload a completed copy of this form under the “Documents” section found on the left toolbar in Handshake. We suggest saving it as “2017-2018 Nichols College Work Study Application” as it is required that you upload this document to all online postings that you wish to apply for. The form can be found below. Thank you.

Application Form:

Nichols College Staff: Are you looking for information on how to post an on-campus student employment opportunity and/or how to access the Student Worker Form_2017? Please head to for more information! 


By Abby DePasquale