Calling All Teachers!

Are you a teacher looking to help better the community you are in? If so, Teach Western Mass is the company for you.

Our Vision:

Here in Western Massachusetts, we’ve been working hard to improve our schools—but we need to do even more to ensure that all our students get the world-class education they deserve. Though Massachusetts leads the nation in overall student performance, too many students are not getting the level of education they’re entitled to. Teach Western Mass is bolstering the efforts of our hard-working educators by attracting more colleagues who are committed to becoming partners in change.

Our vision is that every classroom has an effective educator so that all students in Western Massachusetts have access to a vibrant education that will prepare them for college and career.

Teach Western Mass is a partnership founded by Holyoke Public Schools, the Springfield Empowerment Zone Partnership, and UP Education Network, with support from the Irene E. and George A. Davis Family Foundation and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Additionally, we’re joined by several local charter schools.

Collectively, we represent 27 schools serving more than 11,000 students in Western Massachusetts.

Simply put, as a teacher in Western Massachusetts, you are not just part of a school—you’re part of a community where you can help drive the transformation of our schools. Collectively, we can ensure that all Western Massachusetts students have the skills they’ll need for success in college and beyond because:

We are committed

Our teachers believe that all families—regardless of where they live or how much money they earn—have the right to a great education and a bright future for their children.

We are collaborative

Our teachers are part of a collaborative learning community where colleagues push each other to do their best work on behalf of students. We are testing new approaches to instruction and learning from one another along the way.

We are constantly learning

Our teachers welcome opportunities to practice and receive feedback on core instructional skills so they can continue to grow in the classroom.

If this sounds like you visit to learn more about the opportunities available.

By Liz DeNoncour
Liz DeNoncour