Creative Careers

Creative Careers have increased in demand for employers and employees alike. These careers offer employees a chance to use their creative side to benefit their company, and are great news for people who want to earn a living doing that may be considered an untraditional path.

Types of Creative Careers

Creative careers span more than just the artists and filmmakers of today’s world. They can be found anywhere from the liberal arts into the business field. Below are a few of the jobs available in different areas that could be a good fit for you.

Liberal Arts

If you have a liberal arts degree in English, history, psychology, or another area of study here are some creative careers that might appeal. If you want to learn more about these jobs click on the title to access a generic description.


Creative careers are abundant in the business field as well. Marketing and business communication in particular have a high rate of creative careers. Below are some jobs you may consider in these fields.

These examples don’t even come close to covering all of the creative careers that are available, but they can provide you with ideas on where to start your search. Find a field you’re interested in and then do a search to see what paths you may be able to take. Resources such as What Can I Do With This Major can be a big help during this search as well.

If you would like to learn more about working in creative careers join us for the Creative Careers event on October 25th. This event will give interested students a chance to talk and network with professional guests about the paths they took and the creative careers they work in. For more information and to register for this event visit the event page on Handshake.


By Liz DeNoncour
Liz DeNoncour