Nonverbal Communication: What it says About You

When you are at a job interview, the interviewer is basing their decision on what you say, and what you don’t say. As much as your verbal answers tell the recruiter about you, your nonverbal communication says just as much to them. If you aren’t quite sure what your body is communicating, the tips below can help you make a great impression without even saying a word.

Dress for Success

Make sure you are dressed cleanly and appropriately for the interview. Generally, this means business professional wear, unless it was specified otherwise. No matter what you are wearing, make sure you’re clean and neat, as this shows the interviewer that you care about the position you’re interviewing for.

Start off Strong

Start with a strong handshake. A strong handshake makes for a great first impression when meeting an interviewer. Just remember to watch how hard you shake, you don’t want to have a limp handshake, but also don’t want to crush the recruiter’s hand.

Sit at Attention

Pay attention to your posture. If you are standing, you’ll want to stand up tall with your feet shoulder width apart. If you’re sitting, sit up straight with your shoulders back. This shows the interviewer that you are paying attention to what they’re saying, and that you’re interested. Slouching or leaning makes you seem disinterested, so pay attention to your posture.

Eyes on the Prize

Make eye contact with the interviewer. Good eye contact is another great way of showing you’re interested, and is one of the many things that interviewers look for when talking to you. It’s okay to blink and look away occasionally, but consistent eye contact is key.

Be Natural

It’s hard not to appear robotic when you’re thinking of all the do’s and don’ts of nonverbal communication, but do your best to behave naturally. Nodding, talking with your hands, and smiling are all great ways to soften your body language so that you don’t appear stiff.

Keep your non-verbal ques in mind during your interview and let your verbal communication and experience shine.  Still have questions or want to practice your nonverbal communication? The CPDC staff are here to help. Stop by during drop in hours —Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00am – 11:00am and Tuesday, Thursday 1:00pm – 3:00pm — and the CPDC staff will be happy to help.

By Liz DeNoncour
Liz DeNoncour