2019 Sophomore Shout Out Recap

We are happy to say that we have completed another successful Sophomore Shout Out! For anyone who missed it, the Sophomore Shout Out is an annual event that allows our sophomore students here at Nichols an opportunity to network with alumni, hear stories about lessons they learned, ask questions about their career paths/organizations, and seek advice in a variety of areas.

The 2019 Sophomore Shout Out welcomed 249 sophomore participants and 35 alumni table hosts. Alumni attended from a variety of organizations including:

  • Unum
  • LEGO Group
  • Newport Beach Hotel & Suites
  • Enterprise Holdings
  • Swarm AAU Basketball
  • Hanover Insurance
  • Dell Technologies
  • and several other companies

Alumni spoke to students regarding their experiences and lessons they learned at Nichols and in their careers afterward. We were very happy to welcome back Brie Baron, class of ’17, as the Keynote Speaker. Brie spoke on the importance of finding your passion in what you do, a sentiment that several other speakers echoed throughout the night.

Brooke Packard, a 5th-grade teacher at Vernon Hill School and Owner of BP’s Perfectly Clean, speaks with students at the 2019 Sophomore Shout Out.

Sophomore students enjoyed the chance to meet with all of our wonderful alumni with feedback from one student saying, “It was great to network with alumni & I learned a lot about the individuals’ career and their advice was excellent. I learned a lot and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity!” and another student sharing their thoughts, “It was a good event to get an idea of what my future will be like such as workload, the journey to get to where they needed to be, and why they thought Nichols was the school that made them successful.”

Alumni guests equally enjoyed the chance to speak with the sophomores, sharing their feedback by saying, “It was so great to be back and have the opportunity to connect with students. Thank you!” and another one saying, “I could really tell that all the students really wanted to talk to me, I’m so glad to have participated!”

We would like to finish up by saying thank you to everyone that made this event the success that it was. We cannot wait for the 2020 Sophomore Shout Out!

By Liz DeNoncour
Liz DeNoncour