Bison Spotlight – Connor MacLeod

Next up for our Bison Spotlight, we have Connor MacLeod. Connor is a member of the class of 2020 from Billerica, MA, and is majoring in Criminal Justice. Here on The Hill, Connor is a member of the Criminal Justice Club. Outside of school and work, he loves to play sports!

Connor will soon be interning at TJX Companies, as a Loss Prevention Detective. In this internship, he will conduct surveillance to detect loss within the store (external and internal shrink), apprehend external shoplifters for processing and filing criminal charges, prepare investigation summaries for National Task Force (NTF) investigators of targets for prosecution and preparation for testimony, and conduct internal investigations and prepare interviews for internal suspects.

Connor’s best advice to others is to learn time management and how to deal with a lot of responsibility.

Thank you, Connor, for taking the time to share this with us. The CPDC Team wishes you the best of luck at this internship and in your future endeavors!

By Meghan Bowen
Meghan Bowen