Bison Spotlight- Anthony Giannini

Bison Spotlight Video–Anthony Giannini We would like to shine the next Bison Spotlight on Anthony Giannini. He is from Tyngsborough, Massachusetts and will be graduating this May with a Sport Management degree. On The Hill, he is a member of the Sport Management Club. Outside of school and work he loves traveling and exploring the outdoors. He is very passionate about hiking, baseball, basketball, and football. A fun fact about Anthony is he completed his first triathlon this past summer.

Anthony has accomplished a lot while on The Hill. He completed his first internship during his sophomore year for the Nichols College Sports Information Department. He was a Game Day Operations Intern. In this role, he worked all the home games for the Bison, assisting with set up and break down tasks. He was also in charge of the flip cam, shooting highlights of each game.

The summer going into his junior year, Anthony completed an internship at Gametime Sport & Fitness as a Tournament Director for the 10U-12U baseball teams and was also a Front Desk Attendee. He managed the games scheduled for tournament days. His responsibilities included setting up fields, informing times of rules and regulations, and ensuring teams only played for specified times. Anthony also worked as a Front Desk Attendee, scheduling the facility every day for various sports.

Daniel Foth, founder of CeleBreak pictured left, Anthony Giannini pictured right

During the spring semester of Anthony’s junior year, he studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain. He completed an internship with CeleBreak as an International Business, Sports Management, and Online Marketing Intern. CeleBreak is a pickup soccer company that originated in Barcelona. During his internship, he created English language blog articles for CeleBreak’s locations in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, and Los Angeles. This allowed CeleBreak to be one of the first articles to pop up on Google, if one were to search for pickup soccer in the city.

When Anthony was asked about his experience with CeleBreak he said, “When I first arrived at my internship with CeleBreak I was surprised with how laid back the atmosphere was. As a result, my boss and supervisor were extremely personable. They taught me everything I needed to know to have a strong SEO. I was given a project right away and received positive feedback. I was able to incorporate different ideas that were new to them. It was interesting to see how being from another country can impact others. I was able to bring something new to the table.”

Anthony said his favorite thing to do with CeleBreak was creating articles. He said, “I really enjoyed making the articles because some of the posts became a number result on Google. Prior to my internship, I never worked with SEO. It was extremely interesting to learn what needs to happen in order to beat out all the other websites.”

During his time at CeleBreak, he had the chance to play in some of the pickup games at some of the most popular fields in Barcelona.

When we asked what his biggest advice to others is he said, “Take advantage of any kind of opportunity you can even if it is not something you are familiar with. Prior to this internship, I honestly knew very little about soccer and blog writing. However, as time went on I was able to learn new skills and become more aware of another sport, allowing me to be a more well-rounded sport management student.”

Anthony in Barcelona, Spain

His time abroad, allowed him to step outside of his comfort zone, and achieve things he didn’t know were possible. Anthony said, “For those who have even the slightest bit of desire to study abroad, you have to do it. I was one of the last people to commit to studying abroad my junior year because I did not know if I could make that commitment. Going to another country for four months is a little intimidating to think about. However, I am telling you it was one of the best four months of my life and you will soon realize it too. Being able to submerge yourself in another culture, learn their language, and travel to other countries and cities with ease is truly a once and a lifetime experience. Whether you take classes, do an internship or both, nothing will ever compare to the things you will experience, learn, and do within those four months.”

Taking advantage of all kinds of opportunities led Anthony to his current internship. This semester, Anthony is currently interning with the Boston Celtics as a VIP Member Experience Intern. He interacts with guests in the VIP Putnam Club. He is responsible for creating the dinner menus available in the club for season ticket members, creating the layout for the reservations in the club every night, and checking guests in and ensuring everyone who enters the club has proper access. Anthony is also responsible for ushering VIP and celebrities when they are in attendance.

When we asked Anthony about his experience with the Boston Celtics he said, “My experience with the Celtics up to this point has been amazing. Being able to be involved with a professional sports team is unlike anything else. Each day is different, making it very enjoyable.”

Anthony at his internship with the Boston Celtics

A typical game day for Anthony starts off with creating the dinner menu available in the Putnam Club. He then heads over to the VIP Club in the TD Garden and sets up all the necessities. He creates the seating layout for the Celtics ownership. When the doors open, he checks in the VIP Guests, interacts with customers and completes various tasks needed.

Anthony said, “Within my internship with the Celtics, I think my favorite thing is being able to experience the professional sports atmosphere and seeing what goes into everything before tip-off. It also amazes me how the tasks I complete have meaning and impact on the organization. I am a people person, so I really enjoy interacting with all the customers every night. I assist them with anything they need, even if it means having casual conversations.”

His biggest takeaway from this experience is the importance of effective communication. He said, “Communicating effectively with my team and the customers can go a long way. As a result, the guests and I have been able to develop relationships. When it comes to the professional setting it is very important to always do whatever they may ask. I have learned that when you are always willing to take on whatever kind of task it is, whether it’s big or small, it means more and will help you in the long run.”

The CPDC Team would like to congratulate Anthony on all of his accomplishments and wish him luck during the rest of his senior year!

By Maggie Noelk
Maggie Noelk