2020 Sophomore Shout Out Recap

On February 5th, the CPDC hosted our annual Sophomore Shout Out event. We had 38 alumni table hosts and 6 current student table hosts, discussing their paths into their fields post-graduation. 242 students participated in the Sophomore Shout Out and found information about different careers within their current major and/or minor.

Students provided positive feedback on the event such as, “Awesome event! I was able to network with alumni who have some of my interests. I was able to gain valuable insight to help steer myself in the right direction of my desired career path

Another student mentioned a connection with alumni, stating, “It was awesome to get advice from alumni and have the ability to build a relationship with someone working in the field I want to pursue

Table hosts also loved the event and mentioned, “A wonderful event as always. Thank you for having me and I look forward to next year!”

Another table host really values the quality of Nichol’s students and commented, “This was a great event, and it really shows how Nichol’s students are by far the best! It was an honor to be a host of a table, where I sat only a few years ago!”

Sophomore Shout Out is a great way for our sophomore class to gain networking experience with alumni. The event also helps students determine what they are truly passionate about in preparation for graduation.

The CPDC Team wants to thank our table hosts for taking the time to speak with our students. Your feedback and insights are sincerely valued! Thank you to everyone who helped us with this event. We look forward to hosting it again next year!

By Rebecca John
Rebecca John