Bison Spotlight – William Rauscher

We shine our next Bison Spotlight on William (Bill) Rauscher. Bill is from Worcester, MA, and graduates May 2020 with a degree in Marketing. Here on The Hill, Bill works in the Visual Media Studios. Outside of school and work, he really likes to make music and is also interested in photography and videography. An interesting fact about Bill is in high school, he bought and resold sneakers. This sparked his interest in business.

During Bill’s spring semester 2019, he interned at Sant Jordi Hostels in Barcelona, Spain, as a Marketing and Communications Department Intern. He created photographic and videography content for their social media. He also designed blog posts for their website with a heavy focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Bill also performed marketing research for the 18-34 year old demographic.

Asked about a typical day at his internship, Bill replied “A normal day during my internship was arriving at the office about ten minutes before we opened. I always showed up before my boss so he knew how serious I was about the internship. We then brainstormed ideas for content creation. In the first half of my internship, I  worked heavily on content creation for the hostel’s Instagram. We visited one of our four hostel locations and toured the city landmarks. During the second half of my internship, I worked on a project called The Local Way. We interviewed local influencers of Barcelona. I generated interview questions and shot the video content for the influencers while my boss handled the communication. He has connections in Barcelona, and he also is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and Catalan. We were a pretty good team.”

Bill really enjoyed all of his internship from the starting interview to the last day. If he had to choose which part was his favorite, it was working on The Local Way project. He was able to make connections with local influencers and he generated successful content.

When asked to give advice to others, Bill said, “My advice to anyone else looking for an internship, domestic or abroad, would be to stay ambitious. When I first heard about getting an internship in another non-English primary country, I was a bit uncomfortable. But, by the time I left Sant Jordi, I wished I could work there forever. You learn a lot about yourself and the industry you’re in when you really push yourself outside your comfort zones.”

We would like to thank Bill for taking the time to talk about his experience. The CPDC wishes you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

By Deegan Eggleston
Deegan Eggleston