Bison Spotlight – Sarah Soltys

We shift the attention of our next Bison Spotlight to Sarah Soltys. She is from Worcester, Massachusetts and a member of the Class of 2020. She is a General Business major with concentrations in Finance, Economics, and International Business. Outside of school, Sarah enjoys going to the gym, teaching dance, and spending time with her family. A fun fact about Sarah is she is the oldest of five children.

Sarah is currently completing an internship with Carroll Enterprises in Worcester. She is a Financial and Retirement Planning Intern. In this role, she has to take and pass various qualification exams to receive security exams for health and life insurance licenses for the State of Massachusetts. She runs benchmark reports for client’s investment funds, quotes group and individual health insurance for clients, and communicates with retirement planning providers. Sarah also has to create comparisons with different company information and prepare presentations for meetings with clients.

A normal day in the office for Sarah consists of various tasks, depending on whether the time period is an insurance renewal period or an enrollment period. She works on these timely tasks for about one to two weeks.

Sarah said her favorite thing to do during her internship is to, “Quote health insurance to clients, making sure they get the best possible plans for themselves and their families.”

When we asked her what her biggest takeaway from this experience has been thus far she said, “My takeaway is that in the insurance and retirement planning fields, there is a lack of younger adult interest in the industry. It is very exciting to help people get the care they need and deserve by making sure they have the best insurance coverage for their money. It is also key to ensure their investments and retirement plans are well kept and safe.”

The CPDC team is very proud of Sarah for the experience she is gaining and wishes her the best of luck in her future career!

By Maggie Noelk
Maggie Noelk