Bison Spotlight – Christian Mayotte

We would like to shine our next Bison Spotlight on a member of the class of 2021, Christian Mayotte. Christian is a native of Woodstock, Connecticut majoring in International Business and Finance. Here on The Hill, Christian is a member of the Honors program, Emerging Leaders program and also involved in the Investments Club. Outside of school he enjoys watching sports and cooking. A fun fact about Christian is he’s been to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic twice.

This past summer Christian worked as a Finance Intern for Gentex Optics. He tracked inventory usage, completed sales reconciliations and ensured loss inventory was not a large financial burden. In the morning, he talked to his manager about what needed to be accomplished for the day. Then he checked his emails to see if anything new was going around the workspace and completed Excel spreadsheets. Then he either visited the inventory floor or started working on sales reconciliation at his desk.  

Christian had two different favorite parts of his internship. He loved getting tours of the production floor in two of their buildings and also loved being able to attend conference calls to gain experience. 

Christian’s key takeaway from this internship was “no matter the experience level, managers and coworkers will still guide you through the basics to help make sure you know your job role well and are really easy to talk to if you ever need help”. 

We want to congratulate Christian on this exciting opportunity. The CPDC Team wishes you the best of luck with your future career and thank you for sharing your opportunities with us! 





By Jonathan Vincent
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