Bison Spotlight – Millena Flor

We shift the next Bison Spotlight onto Millena Flor. Millena is from Minas Gerais, Brazil and graduates in 2020 with an Accounting degree. On The Hill, Millena is a Supervisor of the Call Center of Admissions as well as a member of the Accounting Club. Outside of school and work, Millena enjoys reading poems, doing makeup, and going to church. A fun fact about Millena is she is trilingual and currently learning French and Arabic.

During this spring semester, Millena has been working at Cerrone, Graham & Shepherd, PC, in Worcester, MA, as an Individual Tax Intern. Millena works on individual tax returns and scans documents to upload as electronic files.

When asked about a normal day at work, Millena said “A normal day at my work is to go through files and add the information into the tax software and calculate! After that, I scan all the documents the clients sent to us and put them into their file folder. I then bookmark the “important” info for fast finding and file into the cabinet file online. My supervisor goes through my work and makes sure I put things in the right place. The partner double-checks for errors and then the taxes are sent to the IRS.”

Millena did not have a favorite part of her internship. When asked about her biggest takeaway, she replied, “The takeaway from my internship is I learned taxes aren’t really my field, and I didn’t enjoy it 100%! I can’t see myself working with taxes for the rest of my life.”

We would like to thank Millena for taking the time to talk about the experience. The CPDC wishes you the best of luck in your future.

By Deegan Eggleston
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