Employer Relations Corner: Summer 2020 Spotlight

A message from Associate Director Abby DePasquale which includes our plans for the 20-21 academic year and upcoming engagement opportunities: 

How are you? Our employer and alumni partners have been in our thoughts more than usual lately, and this message is truly meant to check in with each of you and to share our plans for the upcoming academic year. I hope this message finds you well and healthy during these times.

If I had to sum up the 19-20 academic year in one word, it would be “connection.”  Like many of you, I packed up my belongings at work in March 2020 and quickly turned my home into my workspace. I worried about our students and their need to quickly adapt to learning in an online environment, their internships, their full-time employment offers, being swept away from the traditions that the spring semester always brings, and so many more thoughts came to my mind. Our Bison are so resilient and I believe wholeheartedly that this semester made our community even stronger than it was before. We learned how to connect in an online environment and although we prefer to be in person, we carried on with our regularly scheduled classes/commitments in a remote world. We did our best and learned so many new technology skills.

Several of you have reached out to us and we appreciate the continued connection with our employer and alumni partners. Our Career and Professional Development Center team also knows that you are wondering about our fall semester and we are so thankful for your continued partnership. We are planning to hold in person / HyFlex courses throughout the fall semester and our Bison cannot wait to roam back to the Hill (myself included). Although we cannot have outside visitors or events on campus during the Fall 2020 semester, we are still looking for table hosts, recruiters, alumni, mock interviewers, and employer partners to be a part of our upcoming Accounting and Finance Fair, career events, virtual interviewing opportunities, and other engagements. All of our events will be held virtually during the Fall 2020 semester and we are hopeful to have in person events for Spring 2021. The 2021 Career and Internship Fair is also open for registrants as well.

Thank you for being a valued part of our network at Nichols and for staying connected with us in the upcoming academic year. Please see below to read more about our team and to learn about upcoming engagement opportunities. Wishing you all much safety and warm thoughts during these unprecedented times.

Warmest Summer Wishes,


Abby DePasquale


Learn more about upcoming events and engagement opportunities for the 20-21 Academic Year!