Preparing for an Online Interview

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, online interviews are turning into the new “normal”. This can be nerve-racking if you are unprepared. The key to a great virtual interview is making a good first impression. Take the time to practice and prepare prior to the interview. Before an interview, you should:


Designate an area as your “Interview Room”

Find a room with good lighting, is very quiet, and has a plain background. This room should have no distractions for you or the employer(s). A plain wall is a great way to keep the employer(s) focus on you. Depending on which platform you interview through, you may be able to set a virtual background.

If you are on campus, the CPDC has three interview rooms you can reserve for your interview. The CPDC is located in Fels Suite 201. Stop by Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, email us at, or call 508-213-2489 to reserve a room.





Make sure everything runs smoothly You should take the time to test your camera and microphone quality in a practice call before the interview. This will allow you to view how clear your camera looks, your microphone sounds, and to see how well your internet works during a call. It is also good practice to send a message to the employer(s) asking for further directions if you get disconnected. 

Practice an interview on camera

While speaking to the employer(s), keep yourself centered in the camera. Practice looking directly into the camera and talking. This will simulate eye contact with the employer(s). Practice with a friend to help make talking into a camera feel more comfortable.

Practice interviewing through our resource, BIG Interview. Big Interview gives you both “FAST TRACK” and “MASTERY TRACK” systems of lessons and virtual interview practice – to get you ready… fast. Big Interview also teaches you how to get inside the head of any interviewer and prove that you’re the candidate they’re looking for.  This resource offers interview practice tools that are available 24/7 for all areas of concentration. Whether you are a current student or alum, feel free to create your complimentary account today.

Treat the interview as if it were in-person

One major mistake people make with online interviews is taking the interview too casually. Remember to dress in business professional attire, keep the room distraction-free, and shut off your phone. The only difference between an online interview and an in-person interview is your physical setting. 


Interviewing online is a very different experience than interviewing in person. We hope by following these steps you will be more prepared to interview online. Good luck!

By Deegan Eggleston
Deegan Eggleston