Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources

The Career and Professional Development Center recognizes that diversity strengthens community. We are committed to creating an inclusive and safe environment where all Nichols College students and alumni feel respected and supported. The CPDC will continue to participate in training dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion. We aim to ensure everyone has equal access to career-related opportunities and supportive networks.

Live Another Day: AT LIVE ANOTHER DAY, WE CURATE NON-BIASED LISTS OF ACCREDITED TREATMENT PROVIDERS AND TRUSTED RESOURCES. At Live Another Day, Our Content And Outreach Efforts Are Guided By The Following Core Beliefs 1 Excellent Rehab Centers Save Lives: We profile only the best accredited dual diagnosis treatment centers and use transparent, reliable criteria for the rehabs we list. 2 Mental Health Resources… For All: We curate lists of the best mental health resources for the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous & People of Color) community. 3 Reduce Preventable Deaths: We create awareness related to overdose and suicide prevention – two of the leading causes of preventable deaths.

DETOX LOCAL: 41 AAPI ADDICTION AND MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCES: We know that mental health concerns and substance abuse have increased since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and this does not exclude members of the AAPI community. In fact, those concerns are at an all-time high for Asian-Americans due to the racism that has followed allegations that people of the AAPI community are actually responsible for the pandemic. These negative racial perceptions have led to increased general psychological distress, anxiety, and depression, and a high percentage of Asian-American individuals have reported direct racial discrimination due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scholarships for Women: https://thebestschools.org/college-finances/scholarships-women/  Women face unique challenges when earning degrees, which is why many organizations offer specific college scholarships for women. While they make up the majority of college students, women also take out more student loans, take longer to repay their loans, and earn less than men after college. This article introduces dozens of college scholarships for women, including scholarships for Black women, scholarships for single mothers, and scholarships for Hispanic women.

Employment With a Disability Resource Guide: https://www.velvetjobs.com/articles/insights/employment-disability-resources?msID=22e7e980-6d3c-4c6c-936e-ac99ad292c2b In the current economic market, getting a job is a difficult feat. Job searching can involve what seems like endless emails, rewritten resumes and interview after interview, all in search of one’s dream job. However, for some, the search for employment can be even more challenging. If you’re a person living with a disability, questions may come up that another job seeker may not have to answer. You may wonder how a place of employment would make accommodations for you, or if there are certain companies that focus on helping people with disabilities find employment. This guide has that information and more.

The AAUW (American Association of University Women) advocacy site is a great resource that addresses equity issues. They also offer a 7-module free salary negotiation course for women at https://www.aauw.org/resources/programs/salary/

50+ Black-Owned and Led Companies for Students to Follow: Dozens of Black-owned and Black-led companies hire students and young alumni. Follow these companies to discover your next career move. https://learn.joinhandshake.com/students/black-owned-companies/

America’s Best Employers For Diversity: As the topic of diversity and inclusion has gained ever greater importance in the business world, Forbes not only added this vertical to its reporting coverage but also partnered with market research firm Statista to highlight America’s best employers for diversity. This year marks our third annual list. https://www.forbes.com/best-employers-diversity/#11b4c0839b9e 

Supreme Court bans LGBT employment discrimination: https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/supreme-court-makes-historic-ruling-lgbt-employment-discrimination/story?id=71254749&cid=social_twitter_wnt

Top 50 Employers of HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) Students & Graduates (2020): https://hbcuconnect.com/top50employers.shtml 

JOBS ABILITY JOB BOARD: A virtual gateway for job seekers with disabilities and employers looking to hire. Thousands of candidates and job postings are updated on a daily basis. https://workwithoutlimits.org/job-board/

By Brijin Kastberg
Brijin Kastberg Marketing and Employer Relations Coordinator