Bison Bellows – Amanda Costa

Amanda Costa is from Palmer, MA, and is graduating in 2021 with a degree in General Business with focuses in Marketing, Communications, and International Business. During this spring semester, she has been working at McCurdy Group Insurance as a marketing intern where she creates and posts content for their social media platforms. She started her internship during COVID and is working fully remote.

When asked about her normal day at work, Amanda said “My day to day experience at McCurdy Group Insurance is researching different topics in the industry like Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Etc., and then I create videos on these topics, or take pictures that I think will do well on his social media platforms. One thing I have done is I asked a three-year-old girl I know to be a part of his Facebook posts to draw some attention to it. Every week I create posts that relate the little girl to insurance, and they are usually funny/or cute. On his Instagram, I try to post about current events/holidays/ or the seasons changing.

Working in a pandemic is starting to become the “new normal”. Amanda was asked about her thoughts interning during a pandemic and said “Truthfully, I think it is tough working during the pandemic. I feel like I missed out on some knowledge by having to do all my work remotely, but I also believe that this pandemic is just an adjustment the world has to make and sooner or later it will be normal to work this way and I will be more comfortable with it. I don’t mind working remotely; I just feel like there is a lack of communication because I cannot just approach someone and ask if I am doing well or If I can do better in any way.

Asked about her biggest takeaway, Amanda replied “One takeaway I will have from this internship is how to gain an audience’s attention through social media. I got the chance to talk to someone who does marketing for Liberty Mutual and just that one call taught me so much about social media marketing and how to make it effective. Another takeaway I have from this internship is gaining more connections. I got the chance to get a social media marketing certification all paid for by my boss which looks amazing on my resume and LinkedIn.

Amanda also mentioned “Although I’m not the biggest fan of working remotely, real-life experience is crucial when you are about to graduate and be thrown into a full-time job. I am so thankful for this opportunity and the experience I was given at McCurdy Group Insurance.

We would like to thank Amanda for taking the time to talk about her experience working during a pandemic. The CPDC wishes you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

By Deegan Eggleston
Deegan Eggleston