Bison Bellows – Madison Perrotti

Madison Perrotti is a resident of Moultonborough, NH, and is an International Business major with a minor in Human Resource Management. She is a member of the Class of 2023. Maddie completed an internship at Braun Weiss MCG as a Management Consultant Intern. She worked with non-profit clients for digital transformation through Customer Relationship Management platforms specifically in Salesforce. A typical project included findings analysis, project documentation and scope, CRM implementation, client training, and final run-throughs. In the office, Madison would wear a mask, get her temperature taken before she entered, and worked remotely once a week.

When asked about her day-to-day experience, Madison replied “I would begin my day by commuting to the office from Dudley to Newton, where I would arrive at 8:30 am along with other coworkers. My manager always went over the day’s projects and a list of things to do when we first got there. Then I would work on all the things I had to do and typically have at least one meeting with a client before lunch. The meetings are weekly catch-ups where we ask clients any questions we have and allow them to do the same. We also go over all our progress and whether we are good on our agreed timeline. I would take a lunch break from 12-1 and I would go for a walk outside. Then I would talk with my manager again about current projects, questions I had, and go over end-of-the-day work. In this time, I would almost always be analyzing and transferring current data into Salesforce. I was given other tasks to assist different projects or my manager as well as my own. I normally would leave at 5 unless a project needed more attention that day.

When Madison was asked about her feelings about working in a pandemic, she said “My personal thoughts on working during a pandemic is the constant challenge of communication and teamwork. I was fortunate enough to be able to be in person but group sizes and client communication was limited. I feel that working during a pandemic makes you more of a well-rounded employee and leader. As a college student, we know the technology well and can handle working remotely, so we will be prepared to take on the challenges the workforce can throw at us.

Her advice to others is “to take the internship even if it is unpaid. All experience is good experience, no matter the financial outcome. This internship gave me a lot of opportunities to see where I could see myself in the future and I can walk away with a more rounded skill set.

We would like to thank Madison to take the time to talk about her experience working through the pandemic. The CPDC wishes you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

By Deegan Eggleston
Deegan Eggleston