Bison Bellows – Oliver Arnberg

Oliver Arnberg is from Stockholm, Sweden, and will be graduating in 2021 with a degree in General Business with concentrations in Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Management. Oliver interned at Krafton, AB in Sweden as a Key Account Manager. His role was to create and keep connections with other companies and determine the value of different incoming quotations with the Calculation Department. Oliver interned during the middle of the pandemic in June 2020 and had to socially distance himself from coworkers in the office.

Asked about the day-to-day life at work, Oliver replied “Being the Key Account Manager was the main focus for me towards the company, to build and continue to keep good relations with companies connected to Krafton. Some other responsibilities that came with being a Key Account manager at Krafton were to manage the cash flow by taking on new projects. My responsibility in that subject was to calculate, project, and compile a requested project to acquire a price tag for that specific project to then send the tender to the main construction company that was building the structure and hope for the best that they would hire us as the electrical entrepreneur.

Working through the pandemic has affected everyone differently. “My personal thoughts about working during the pandemic, I don’t think it was a problem. As long as the people around were healthy, without any symptoms, I thought that it was fine to be at the office. Also, the office was big so keeping the distance was not a problem.

Advice Oliver would give to others is “Even if you are hesitant about the specific role you undertake, the people around you are there for you to help and guide through challenges, so the situation ends up well for you and for the company. If a company takes you in for an internship they want your help and appreciates everything you do for them.

We would like to thank Oliver for taking the time to talk about his experience interning during the pandemic. The CPDC wishes you luck in your future.

By Deegan Eggleston
Deegan Eggleston