Bison Bellows – Victoria Lussier

Victoria Lussier is a resident of Attleboro, MA. She is part of the Class of 2022 and is a Hospitality Management major and English minor. Victoria interned for Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI) as a Virtual Event Planning Intern. She was the point of contact for speakers, updated website platforms and sent out marketing emails. She started her internship during COVID this past June and worked completely virtually.

When asked about a typical day, Victoria replied “In the morning, I would go on and message my supervisor to see if he had any specific tasks for me to do. While waiting, I would reply to some emails and check small little tasks that I had been working on. Once he told me my main project for the day, I would work on that while continuously keeping in touch with him and the other intern and complete whatever was needed. At the end of the day, I would let him know what was completed and what I would be continuing to work on for the next day.

Victoria found working in the pandemic to be helpful and had a positive outlook on her experience. “This was a nice way where I was able to stay busy during the summer and still learn new skills. Instead of sitting around doing nothing since my field did not have many opportunities, this was a nice way to learn more and keep busy.

The advice she would give is, “I would say to go for every opportunity that is given to you. This was not something that I would have considered if it weren’t for the pandemic, and I’m glad that I went for it. It helped me view part of the field I want to go in, during a time where everyone was learning and figuring things out at once. If something seems interesting to you, go for it and don’t waste any time wondering if you should go for it or not.

Victoria gives a special shout-out to the CPDC’s own member, Abby DePasquale. “I’d like to give a shout-out to Abby for helping me get this opportunity! She emailed all the hospitality majors and then gave me some more information about the company. I kept in touch with her throughout my whole internship and she was heavily involved in making sure I was enjoying my time!

We would like to thank Victoria for taking the time to talk about her experience working through the pandemic. The CPDC wishes you luck in your future endeavors.

By Deegan Eggleston
Deegan Eggleston