Fall 2021 From Senior in College to Freshman in Life Event Recap

The Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) held the From Senior in College to Freshman in Life event on Wednesday, September 29th. Jeff Thomas ’12 and Taylor Ross ’13 returned to campus to give some unique perspectives on how to make a successful transition into life after graduating from Nichols College. The attendees asked awesome questions and walked away with fabulous information on how to make the transition from student to working professional.

The CPDC is thrilled to share that there were 125 total participants for the two sessions. Engagement increased this year with the 125 participants and a 52% response rate.

The feedback shared with the CPDC is fantastic and we look forward to hosting this event again for our students! Below are some of the key comments highlighting the event:

“I think this event is very beneficial. It is something that all seniors should attend because listening to what these speakers have to say and the advice they give will really open up your eyes and get you thinking about your future.”

“Great examples and knowledge on how I should start to pay off my loans!”

“This event was well done! Some very insightful stories and tips regarding money/financial decisions that are so helpful for seniors entering the workforce soon.”

The Fall 2021 From Senior in College to Freshman in Life Event was a success and the CPDC Team thanks the hosts for their time.

By Kiley Lafortune
Kiley Lafortune