Fall 2021 Etiquette Dinner Recap

The Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) held the 2021 Nichols College Etiquette Dinner on November 9th. We had a total of 65 students and 31 table hosts attend this event.

The Etiquette Dinner event was a fabulous networking opportunity and provided students the chance to experience a professional dinner setting. A Dining Etiquette Guide was provided to everyone in attendance that described detailed instructions for each course of the meal.

The dinner was a great experience not only for our students but also for the table hosts. They got the chance to meet and connect with other hosts as well.

Kim Krumseik said, “I thought the Etiquette Dinner was successful. We had great discussions at our table that lead to questions from students about how to handle certain situations in a dining setting. It was great to connect with students and share the proper ways to handle certain scenarios and also give examples of what not to do.”

Nora Cavic commented, “It is a fun event! And the students learn so much without even realizing it.”

A student comment: “This event was not even what I thought it was going to be. This was by far the best event I have gone to at Nichols. Because of this event, I was able to connect and network with State Senator, Peter Durant. I had a blast. I recommend all 2023 seniors to attend next year.”

The Fall 2021 Etiquette Dinner was a huge success and the CPDC Team would like to thank the hosts for their time and the students for their participation.

By Cristen McSweeney
Cristen McSweeney