Spring 2022 CPDC Open House Recap

The Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) had four open house sessions earlier this month to inform all second year PDS students what resources they have access to. There are a number of resources that the CPDC offer such as resume review, talking about internships or jobs, interview rooms, the Bison Boutique, and many more.

This event was built to inform these students and we had a total of 147 students between the four sessions attend this year. During the open house, the students get to play Kahoot and get the chance to win their own padfolio. The event was rated a 4.6 out of 5 overall. There was some great feedback from the students and the CPDC team will be looking over this feedback to find ways to make the open houses better each year.

A comment from a student: “I really enjoyed this event. I really enjoyed how I was able to learn so much about the CPDC at Nichols College. I will use the CPDC as a resource to further strengthen my skills as I go on for interviews and into my career! I really enjoyed the event and learned a lot about the CPDC!”

Another student commented: “I love that you guys give us confidence to come into CPDC and figure out our future because it is such an enormous part of our lives.”

This Spring 2022 Open house event was successful and the CPDC team would like to thank all the students who came and we hope to see you all in CPDC.

By Cristen McSweeney
Cristen McSweeney