Etiquette Dinner

The Etiquette Dinner that is hosted by the Career and Professional Development Center was held on Tuesday, November 8th. At this dinner, students are met with two table hosts, one internal host from Nichols and one external host from the community. A Dining Etiquette Guide was provided to everyone in attendance that described detailed instructions for courses, place settings, making conversations and more, to help learn proper meal etiquette.

The dinner was a great learning opportunity for everyone. Some of the hosts had talked about the instructions on the proper way to eat soup and how they would have thought it was the opposite than stated in the guide. For the students, they not only got to learn proper etiquette for a meal in the professional setting, but they also had the opportunity to network and connect with many different table hosts before and after the dinner.

Great conversations were happening at each table. Hosts talked about meals that they have attended and what type of etiquette they practiced, different events they have attended and what they do for professional development. Everyone was able to connect and get to know each other. There were also prompts that the CPDC team provided on the screen for everyone to see and talk about to keep conversations flowing. These prompts were simple conversation starters to get everyone involved.

Students tend to come into this event feeling nervous because they don’t know what to say or how to act at a business meal. Every year students talk about how fun the event was and that they took away valuable lessons for the real world. Students who have attended this event in the past highly recommend that everyone try to attend this event.

This event was very successful and the CPDC team wants to thank all the table hosts for taking the time to come to campus, students for their participation, and to Enterprise for being a fantastic event partner for the Etiquette Dinner.

By Cristen McSweeney
Cristen McSweeney