LinkedIn Banner Photos Celebrating AACSB Accreditation

📷These fantastic LinkedIn banner photos were created by Kenzie Costello, Creative Design Specialist at Nichols College. 

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On February 21, 2023, AACSB International announced Nichols College as an accredited business school. This prestigious accreditation is given to less than six percent of business schools worldwide ( that have demonstrated excellence in all areas such as teaching, research, curriculum development, and student learning (Stephanie M. Bryant). This honor could not have been earned without the senior leadership, faculty, staff, and students that make up this institution.

Earning this accreditation shows the dedication Nichols College has given to the advancement of the college itself as well as the students attending. Through multiple student comments on the accreditation, a common theme has been appraising the educational aspects and opportunities provided. One student stated “As a current senior at Nichols, knowing that I will graduate from an institution that has this accreditation makes me more confident in receiving a job from top employers.”(Madison Robichaud). Another mentioned “Being an international student here at Nichols, our college having AACSB accreditation allows me to further validate the degree that I’m working so hard for.” (Julia Carroll).

The AACSB International accreditation speaks to the value of an education from Nichols College. One major resource students may be able to use to further leverage this accreditation is the Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC). The CPDC is a place where students can come and get help in multiple different facets of the career world. From cover letters and resume building to borrowing professional clothing or providing quiet space for interviews, the CPDC team is happy to help all students on their journey in the professional world through their four years and beyond. The CPDC also supports students by hosting a variety of events including speed networking sessions, career fairs, workshops, and many more. These events allow students to talk to professionals in their respective fields and explore different opportunities of interest.

By Deegan Eggleston
Deegan Eggleston