Crunch Time: How CPDC Can Help You Get Through the Last Few Weeks

Crunch Time blog post

As the semester winds down and the weather will soon be taking a turn for the better, it is easy to get caught up in all the hard work and the excitement that the end of the year brings. Do …

By Jenna Parker
Jenna Parker Recruitment and Marketing Coordinator Jenna Parker
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On-Campus Recruiting: Where the Employer Comes to You

OCR Blog Post

On-campus recruiting (OCR) is an easy and convenient way to interview for a job that you are interested in, with the addition of the “home court” advantage of the employer coming to you. It can be hard, for some students …

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Choose the Right Job/Internship for YOU

Choose the JobInternship that’s Right for YOU (1)

Choosing the right job or internship for you can be hard. This blog will walk you through how to decide what job or internship is right for you, and how to use your resources to find it.

Choosing the right …

By Liz DeNoncour
Liz DeNoncour Profile Picture
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