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A Psychology degree is often used as a steppingstone toward a graduate degree; however, a B.A. in Psychology from Nichols College can also be applied to many jobs across a variety of fields. 

Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology are versatile. At Nichols, our Psychology majors are known for their strong communication skills, understanding of human behavior, problem-solving skills, and ability to collect, organize, and analyze information. 

Psychology is one of the most flexible, impactful degrees available to young students looking to make a difference in their communities and in the lives of the people they love. It’s also the perfect way to start a variety of great careers, which is why Nichols puts so much value on experiential learning opportunities and internships. 100% of our students graduate with at least 1 credit-bearing experience on their resume. As a student in our Psychology program, you’ll have the chance to earn credit while working in a diverse range of professional environments that put your classwork into practice. 

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