Employers: Hire Our Students and Alumni!

Ready from Day One

Nichols College students consistently impress corporate recruiters with how professionally they handle themselves in interviews and how quickly they make a positive impact in the workplace. Although several factors contribute to this level of professionalism, one required program that contributes to this success is our Professional Development Seminar (PDS) program. PDS, a program under the Career and Professional Development Center, is a series of one-credit courses in which students actively practice the tools and skills they need to become successful in a variety of fields.

Employer Engagement Opportunities

The Career & Professional Development Center is here to assist you in recruiting our talented students for the opportunities your company offers. Through our Annual Career & Internship Fair, internship experience, information tables and more, we will help you connect with Nichols’ students. Engagement opportunities are typically held early September through mid-November or late January through mid-April. For a full list of opportunities, and key details, please view the chart below:

Opportunity Description
Academic & Experiential Internships Students are required and/or strongly encouraged to hold an internship position. As an employer, you get the student’s fresh perspective and enthusiasm while the student learns first-hand how leadership and management skills are applied within an organization.
Road to Success All employers are welcome to create an account on our database to register for career related events, announcements and posting job/internship opportunities.
Information Tables & Sessions A great way to network with potential hires in the Nichols Community while sharing key details about your organization at the same time.
On-Campus Recruiting Interviewing made easy! Come to campus on one specific day and interview multiple students/alumni for internships and/or employment opportunities.
Annual Career & Internship Fair Over 400 participants and roughly 70 employers in attendance. This year, the fair is held on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016 from 1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. in the Nichols College Athletic Center.
Special Branding Opportunities Want to make your organization stand out amongst the rest? Special branding opportunities are available such as; alumni/employer panels, guest/classroom speakers and event sponsorship.
Skype/Phone Capabilities Unable to come to campus? No problem! Private interview rooms are available with both Skype and phone capabilities.

 Connect with Us

Want to become a part of our network? Please visit the Staff Page and contact one of our friendly team members for further assistance. We’re ready to connect you to our talented students and alumni.