Bison Spotlight – Zach Conlon

Zach Conlon, second row second from the right

Our next Bison Spotlight is a senior from Wakefield, MA, Zach Conlon. He is a General Business major with focuses in Economics, Finance, and Marketing. Here on The Hill, Zach is a tutor in the ARC and VP & Secretary of the Investments Club. In his free time, he likes to track NHL teams and players, play video games, and try new craft beers with friends. An interesting fact about Zach is he participates in large food eating challenges, such as giant burger eating contests.

Over the summer, Zach interned with Northwestern Mutual as a College Financial Representative. His role was quite different than most internships. Zach contacted and met with potential clients and then developed financial plans for them. He delivered recommendations and coordinated underwriting services. Zach ensured and maintained communication throughout the entire process.

When asked what his favorite thing he did during his internship Zach said, “I enjoyed conducting closing meetings the most of anything. It was really cool to walk through my recommendations to the client and explain the rationale behind each move. Especially because at Northwestern, interns are tasked with running their own analyses and product illustrations. So, I was presenting my own work in a meaningful setting and if I did well enough, I got to see my plans implemented for the betterment of another’s financial well-being.”

When Zach was asked what advice he would give to others he said, “My advice to others is to find an internship program with a company that encourages you to do real, meaningful work. Northwestern’s program was not an easy one, but I gained valuable knowledge and interpersonal/communication skills that I can translate to any other profession.”

We want to say a big thank you, Zach, for sharing this with us. We wish you the best of luck with the rest of your senior year and your future career!

By Maggie Noelk
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