Bison Spotlight – Alexis Lima

The next Bison Spotlight shines on a member of the Class of 2020, Alexis Lima. She is a native of Oxford, Massachusetts who is pursuing a degree in Hospitality Management and an Entrepreneurship Certificate. On The Hill, Alexis is a member of the Emerging Leaders Program, the Hospitality Club, a First-Year PDS Teaching Assistant, and a member of the Dance Team. Outside of school and work she enjoys taking walks with her dog, and finding new and exciting places in Massachusetts. She also recently picked up the hobby of photography! A fun fact about Alexis is she was a part of the team on campus that collectively fundraised $15,000 for Boston Children’s Hospital!

Alexis has completed three different internships at Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino within their Marketing department. Her first internship was a Special Events and Promotions Intern. She specialized in public and private events planning various events ranging from 200-2,000 people. Some events she planned you may have even heard of! Party on the Rooftop and Cash Dash Tuesdays were two events Alexis was on the planning team. They hosted live bands and gave away free cash to some of their valued guests.

Each day for Alexis was different. She kept busy and was constantly learning something new. A normal day for her started with walking into the office and organizing the events and promotions they had for that day. Once everything was organized, she assisted the manager where they needed her most. Alexis said, “Mondays I would usually do office work. Then every hour we would find a lucky player and give them $2,500! Tuesdays we would challenge players to get into a cash box where money would fly around them. Whatever money they caught, they were able to take home in cash that day. If they caught the lucky $2 bill, their winnings doubled! Friday we would throw free parties on the rooftop of the Riverview garage and have live bands, food, drinks, etc. Some days we would go in to help celebrities in golf tournaments and the Food and Wine fest. It was truly the experience of a lifetime.”

Alexis at her internship at Mohegan Sun.

Alexis said her favorite thing she did during her internship was to, “sit in on meetings and actually get the experiential learning Nichols is always talking about. I was lucky enough to be allowed into private meetings and ask all the questions I wanted to because they were so willing to teach. I was able to network with so many people that I am still in contact with today. A moment I will never forget is when my boss asked me to review a cover letter and resume because of the strength I showed in these areas, all thanks to Nichols! Also fun fact, I am on their tv show, Back of House!”

Alexis’s biggest takeaway from her internship experience is to step outside of your comfort zone. She said, “I was terrified of public speaking. One day I knew it was guaranteed I would have to speak in front of an audience. I am now confident anytime I am asked to speak anywhere. I also would advise people to ask questions. At the end of the day, always be willing to learn, it will give you knowledge and power you never knew you could have.” 

When we asked Alexis if she had anything else to say she said, “I would like to thank Nichols and specifically the CPDC for granting me the tools that I needed to get this opportunity not once or twice, but three times. I worked with Abby on my resume before my submission. The whole team offered on-site interviewing practice. Before I went in against all upperclassmen, Liz gave me one of the most memorable pieces of advice and confidence. Turns out I received the offer over all Juniors and Seniors who had applied at the same time and it would give me opportunities for the next two years. Thank you all!”

The CPDC team is very proud of Alexis and would like to thank her for sharing her experience with us. We wish you the best of luck upon graduation!

By Maggie Noelk
Maggie Noelk