Bison Spotlight – Liam Meagher

Our next Bison Spotlight shines on a member of the class of 2020, Liam Meagher. Liam is a native of Rutland, Massachusetts and is a Marketing and History major here at Nichols. Last fall semester Laim co-hosted the Relay for Life Roast of Student and Faculty event. Outside of school, Liam is a local stand-up comedian in the Worcester comedy scene. He’s performed and has worked on shows from Worcester all the way to New York. A fun fact about Liam is he visited the Great Barrier Reefs before they were declared a dead ecosystem.

This past summer he interned for Smart Grid Solar performing solar energy sales. He was responsible for engaging with prospective clients, getting them interested in and involved with solar programs. On a normal day, he set up sales booths at various locations across the state. Whether it was in a store or at a trade show, Liam would stand the entire time. His job was to wave down strangers and try to sell them the solar service. Additionally, he went door to door and called prospective clients. 

Liam’s favorite part about his internship was meeting new people. He says, “it was pretty nerve-wracking at first but I think it was incredibly good for me to be uncomfortable because it made me want to improve”.  

His takeaway from this experience is to recommend everyone try a sales position. He thought the commission was exciting and motivating.  

We want to congratulate Liam on his exciting internship. The CPDC Team wishes you the best of luck with your future career and thank you for sharing your opportunities with us!




By Jonathan Vincent
Jonathan Vincent