CPDC Webinar Series: Utilizing Your Down Time to Your Benefit

Even due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, there are still plenty of ways to stay self-motivated and engaged with networking opportunities online! Welcome to the second webinar in our series, Utilizing Your Down Time To Your Benefit. The CPDC Team highlights opportunities to take advantage of during this downtime and share some suggestions to stay productive.

Self Motivation

Staying motivated can be challenging but here are a few ideas to keep you busy and help break up the day: create a routine for your day. This is a great way to help make sure you are staying productive and also allowing yourself to take breaks. You can also try journaling three positive things you do each day or are grateful for. This is a good way to keep a positive headspace.

Learn New Skills

There are plenty of new skills you can add to your resume. Some technical skills include: enhancing your Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and/or PowerPoint) or learning how to use new software like Tableau. Creative skills you can learn could be cooking, painting or drawing, or even learning how to change a flat tire!

Remote Job/Internship Search

Checking platforms such as Handshake, LinkedIn, and CareerShift daily is a great way to see new opportunities for jobs or internships. You can also search the Featured Jobs & Internships tab here on our website for current and relevant openings. Join the LinkedIn Network: Bison Helping Bison for opportunities posted by alumni of Nichols. These platforms are easy to use and you can even filter by major, location, or industry. Keep an eye out!

Networking Opportunities

We encourage you to reach out to the LinkedIn Network to stay in touch with new openings and connect with the alumni of Nichols. In addition, you can stay active via social media. This includes Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Handshake. By reaching out and talking with others, may open you up to an opportunity down the road!

Resources Available

The CPDC website has numerous resources for you to use for FREE. Some of these resources include Big Interview, CareerShift, Optimal Resume, and Focus 2. Each has a different purpose, ranging from teaching you how to do a video interview to searching for companies and contact information, creating/editing your resume, and finding a career path that works for you. All of these resources and more are here to help you! Search our Resources tab here on our website.

Contact Information

The Career and Professional Development Center has office hours Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We are here to help current students and alumni with any career-related questions for life. Please reach us at cpdc@nichols.edu or call us at 508-213-2489 to set up an appointment!

Thank you for joining us for our second webinar, Utilizing Your Down Time To Your Benefit. This webinar shared some suggestions to help you stay motivated and engaged during these uncertain times. Find what works best for you!

By Rebecca John
Rebecca John