CPDC Webinar Series: Searching for Jobs and Internships During the Pandemic

Even though the COVID-19 Pandemic has caused many businesses to shut down, there are still plenty of ways to find employment. Welcome to the third webinar in our series, Searching for Jobs and Internships During the Pandemic. The CPDC Team is here to help you find employment through these uncertain times.

Prepare for Employers

There are still opportunities for getting hired. Making sure your resume and profiles are up to date is essential to get hired. Being stuck at home is the perfect time to go through your accounts and make sure everything is up to date. You should also follow employers on Handshake and LinkedIn. This will allow you to receive notifications when employers post new job openings.

Update Your Resume

Keeping your resume updated is an essential piece of getting hired. Fill your resume with skills and credentials that relate closely to the job you’re applying for. Hiring managers will often use automatic tracking systems to scan for different words and phrases. By adding different keywords and skills in your resume, these tracking systems can pick up and approve your resume for further viewing.

Utilize Our Resources

There are multiple resources found here on our website under the “Resources” tab. You can search for jobs on Handshake or Careershift. Other resources such as Optimal Resume and Big Interview are great places to visit to create and/or edit your resume and to practice mock interviews. One of our newer resources, Parker Dewey, allows you to apply to employers who need small projects completed. This is a great way to generate income as well as experience while stuck at home.

Applying to Positions

Before you apply, look through the job description and tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for by adding specific past experiences and skills that relate to the job. Double-check to make sure you have all the required documents the employer is asking for before sending in your application. Be sure to apply to every position you’re interested in.

Talk to the Department of Unemployment Assistance (D.U.A.)

The D.U.A. oversees all unemployment programs. They can provide temporary income assistance if you are eligible. They also offer additional types of assistance. Each state has its own agency so be sure to go online and contact your state’s agency to see what type of benefits and help they can offer you.

Thank you for joining the CPDC Team for our third webinar, Searching for Jobs and Internships During the Pandemic. You can still search for employment during the Pandemic. Our resources and our team is always here to help. If you need any career-related assistance, please email cpdc@nichols.edu or call 508-213-2489.

By Deegan Eggleston
Deegan Eggleston