2022 Sophomore Shoutout Event Recap

The Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) held the 2022 Sophomore Shoutout on-campus, an event required for 2nd Year Professional Development Seminar (PDS) students, on April 6th in the Athletic Center. The CPDC Team thanks the Nichols College President, Glenn Sulmasy, and the Bison Alumni who networked with 2nd Year PDS students, event volunteers, and all those not mentioned that made the event a success. This Sophomore Shoutout was incredible and was the first in-person Sophomore Shoutout since 2020.

President Sulmasy kicked-off the evening with a welcome address. Students networked with different table hosts that correlated to the major/concentration of each student or related field. In between rounds, keynote speakers broke up the evening, by inspiring students with stories to questions like, “if you could go back to your college experience, what would you do differently?” and “how did you discover your passion, or have you not discovered it yet?”

This year, 35 table hosts joined in on networking with 2nd Year PDS students and rated the event overall a 4.94/5. Some of the fantastic feedback from the Bison Alumni/table hosts can be found below:

“I had a great time and really enjoyed talking to all different students. This was so much fun!”

“Every year this event gets better and better. The last session is always the best! I was approached by several students after that couldn’t make my table in the last session to ask questions…”

Overall, there were 208 students in attendance from almost every major offered at Nichols College. Below you will find some great feedback from the attendees of their experience at the 2022 Sophomore Shoutout:

“It was great, I had a lot of connections with other alumni and now I have a better notion on what to do in my future.”

“I do not have any suggestions for improvement! I am extremely thankful to be able to attend such an outstanding event. I am truly thankful to be able to attend Nichols College!”

CPDC truly values all feedback from attendees and guests at our events, and this one was no different. Thank you to everyone who made the event a success and we look forward to many more Sophomore Shoutout events to come.


By Kiley Lafortune
Kiley Lafortune